Problems that the 1 Minute Media
membership community will help you overcome.


I Suck at Video

I am terrible on camera and I will never get good at this video stuff

I'M still learning

If we are honest with ourselves, we aren't super good at anything at first. So give yourself time.


No one cares what I have to say, so why should I even make video content.

your audience cares

Whether it's 1 person or 1M your audience deserves awesome content from you and your brand.

i hate my voice

I don’t mind talking to others, even public speaking is ok. But I HATE hearing my own voice recorded.

your audience wont

We’re our own worst critics, that will never change. But remember that your voice might help hundreds, thousands or even millions.

I have nothing to say

Ok, so I get the right gear and learn to make great video…
But what will I even talk about?

We've got your back

You have experience on your side
and 1 Minute Media offers support and strategy to our members. You’ll be creating great videos in no time.

i am not creative

Only super talented and creative people can make awesome video content.

you are creative!

Your full creative potential may be untapped, but your ability to begin creating is your superpower!

I am camera shy

I feel so out of place when I am on camera and I am uncomfortable
when i hit the record button.

You need more practice

I have helped 100’s of camera shy entrepreneurs make great videos and we ALL have some level of camera shyness. Even me. 😊

What about the trolls

People will judge my content harshly and tear my videos apart online and on social media.

What if you succeed?

There will always be haters. Remember, if they aren’t paying your bills – pay them no mind.
– Ru Paul

The learning curve is too high

I already have so much to do in my business, I can’t add “another” thing to my plate.

it's easier than you think

The reason I built 1 Minute Media is because I know entrepreneurs can do anything!

Welcome to the 1 Minute Media - Membership CommunityFind the support you need and the guidance you desire during your video content creation journey.

Some of the incredible companies I have had the privilege to work with.

Story development and video content is at the core of everything that drives me as an entrepeneur. I know the incredible potential of matching an awesome entrepreneur with the power of telling impactful story through video!

A Total 1 Minute Media Superstar – Karyl Eckerle

Karyl is an amazing entrepreneur and founder of the Image Impact Group. She is an image consultant AND uses video to help her clients capture their true selves and share their credibility.

Watch Karyl’s video to learn how 1 Minute Media helped her to start creating awesome video content on her own.

She empowers women in business to Harness their Credibility, Confidence and Expertise all while learning how to be Seen, Heard and most of all Remembered. Feel free to Email Karyl to ask about her experience!

“Dan helped me order the right equipment and get it all set up.
I was able to comfortably start creating video content right from my home office”

– Karyl Eckerle

The Awesome Benefits of Joining 1 Minute Media



Community Access

  • Utilize all the features of the communty to learn video fast.
  • Community access also gives you access to me!
  • Take advantage of Live Events & Video Lessons



Proven Course Material

  • Creating video content with something as simple as a smart phone
  • Best practices for video content creation.
  • Framing, Lighting, and Audio



Learn From Pros

  • I am in the community with you.
  • Your success in video content creation is my mission.
  • Receive guidance from professionals and grow your business

Introducing the
1 Minute Media Member Community

At 1 Minute Media, we’re proud to serve a worldwide community of online entrepreneurs in the video content creation phase of their businesses. This community is private. We’ve never had a private community…until now!

1 Minute Media is our private community for growth-minded entrepreneurs motivated by purpose, committed to self-discovery, willing to do the work, and eager to create their own video content.

All entrepreneurial journeys are unique, but they can all benefit from things like:

Proven Education

Immersive Workshops

Professional Networking

Access to Professional Advice and Powerful Tools

Finding value from those experiences is only possible when the culture providing those experiences is rooted in a most
sacred quality: Safety.

This is a Safe Community!

We understand that creating video content is a very personal and vulnerable medium. We look to lead with compassion and heartfelt critique so everyone can experience an environment where they feel safe to learn and grow.

Ask Questions

You can feel free to ask questions, experiment with ideas, practice video, and learn and grow without fear of judgement or rejection.

We Welcome Diversity

This is a community that not only welcomes members from diverse backgrounds but celebrates that very diversity.


You can feel free to network with other like-minded entrepreneurs, establish collaborations and partnerships as well as make some friends along the way.

Accelerated Learning

We avoid fluff content, noisy distractions and immature members. Here you can focus and go at your own speed, even if that speed is FAST!

First Access

You will receive first access to new video content concepts, teachings and other special offerings for members only.


Anything inside the community will remain private and content shared and distributed within the community will never be shared outside of the community.

Dan Bennett

Video Professional With Over 15 years Experience.

I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world and now I want to use that experience to help YOU create awesome video content for your business.

Graphic Designer With Over 21 Years Experience

My deep understand of design helps me to take entrepreneurs and their content to the next level. I help you stand out and communicate impactfully.

Consultant and Fellow Entrepreneur

Remember that I am in this with you and learning every day. I have worked with 100s of entrepreneurs and that gives me a special advantage when it comes to video content development.

Questions That We Get Alot

Click to reveal our answers.

How Long Do The Video Lessons Take?

Our video lesson section was built to be taken at your own pace. I know time is the most valuable resource for entrepreneurs so I curated all the information into one place and made the videos short, punchy, and easy to understand. You could go through them in 1 afternoon or take your time and absorb 1 video a day for 15 days.

What if I Do Not Have The Right Equipment?

We pride ourselves on helping entreperneurs make great videos, often times with the smartphone they already have in their pocket. Keeping it real with you, you do need a camera to make video and if that is something you do not have available to you, this community might not be right for you.

Why a Community?

We know that having a community of support around entrepeneurs just makes us better. Networking, Word of Mouth and Masterminds are all built around community. I could just offer a course and some email support, but I would rather offer a rich experience so your journey to great video content creation will be even that much more successful!

Is Video Complicated or Hard To Learn?

Like anything we do that is new to us, there is a learning curve. I always say that learning video is “Simple”… I didn’t say “Easy” I said simple. The good news is that we are there with you every step of the way in our community, so you will never be on your own as you learn!

1 Minute Media is diy - but I need a lot of help.

Although 1 Minute Media was built to help people learn to create great video content on their own, you will not be alone. The community consists of Pros and Peers that will be there for support and guidance as well as TONS of resources in the community to help you learn how to create awesome video content. Office Hours, Live Q&A, a Knowledge Base, a dedicated email address for help, and much more.

What if I Hate It?

Come and try 1 Minute Media for a month. Give it an honest 30 days and engage in the community. If after 1 month your aren’t satisfied, we will give you a refund!

Here is the DEAL!

Sign up now and take advantage of some early adopter perks that will be added to your membership for joining before Midnight on March 31st!

$250 / MO


Learn how to incorporate video content into your business while sharing your expertise with the world.

$2,500 / YR


Learn how to incorporate video content into your business while sharing your expertise with the world.

still have questions?


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