Hey Cam, I am excited to assist you on your video content journey!
Below is your equipment list helping you to create great video for your upcoming endeavors.

Great for creating your own videos and for elevating your video conferencing presence substantially.

The Sony A6400 captures beautiful video footage and is more than capable of creating awesome video content for your Business, YouTube, Social Media, and more.

Audio is the most important part of video
and this ZOOM F1 professional audio recorder is perfect to capture great audio and stay out of the way when you
wear it.

LED light panels are crucial to great video. These Neewer LED lights are dimmable and you can control the color as well. Bonus, they never get hot and run right off a wall plug.

You have a great camera in the Sony A6400 and you need a great lens to accompany that camera. This Sigma 16mm lens allows for a wide shot to capture everything you need and auto focus ccapabilities to match up nicely with the camera.

It is always a great idea to grab some extra batteries for your camera so you don’t have to stop in the middle of a great video shoot.

Make sure to grab a speedy pair of 32G memory cards to capture all that professional audio from you Zoom F1 field recorder!

Make sure to grab a speedy 128G Sd memory cardsto capture all that professional video footage!

The Sony 24-105 is an amazinge lens. This is a super high quality lens that I wanted to be an option just incase you wanted zoom capability in your video production. I highly recommend it if the budget allows.