1 Minute Media Video Course

Welcome to a video course that will help you become a video content machine, without, trying to turn you into a videographer. 

Plan Ahead (Video 1)

PLAN AHEAD, or pre-production like we call it in the biz, is ensuring you have everything you need so your shoot goes smoothly. Everything from a shot list, to having every piece of gear you need for this video.

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Shoot for The Platform (Video 3)

That’s why you need to SHOOT FOR THE PLATFORM. We’re living in the world of social media, which is where your video will most likely be living. These platforms have requirements and limitations.

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Correct in Camera (Video 5)

In this course we’re going to show you the importance of being CORRECT IN CAMERA before you even hit record. This involves everything from exposure to color temp.

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Rule of Thirds (Video 7)

The RULE OF THIRDS segments your frame into sections or thirds. We’re trying to find the most pleasing composition for your video, and visualizing an actual grid is one of the best ways to do it.

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Audio (Video 9)

In this course we talk about the king of the video world: AUDIO. Without audio your message is lost and you’ll lose most of your viewers. It’s amazing how pwoerful a video can be with great audio!

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More Than You Need (Video 11)

You want to have MORE THAN YOU NEED for every shoot. We’re talking extra batteries, as much footage as you can get, and being over prepared in the most positive way possible.

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Transitions (Video 13)

Let’s talk about making a good TRANSITION. We want to creatively move from one shot to another. This can be done many ways and is a powerful way to keep your story moving along.

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Music (Video 15)

MUSIC is the background track to your video. It’s like a party. When the music stops, things just feel… awkward. Fortunately for you, we’re here to show confidence, not be awkward! Let the music play!

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Tripod (Video 2)

In this course we talk about the importance of using a TRIPOD when you film. It’s a three-legged stand used for supporting a camera. Yes, they also make them for your smartphone and they are pretty cool!

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Lighting (Video 4)

Now it’s time to enhance your creative toolbox with LIGHTING. In simple terms: we’re giving the camera’s sensor something to see. We want to make sure the focus of your video is clearly visible

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FRAMING (Video 6)

Since you’ll be the star of these videos, we want to make sure your audience can clearly see your face and what you’re doing. Believe it or not, framing is more than just capturing the subject of the video.

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Focus (Video 8)

Focus? FOCUS! We’re looking for clarity, because you can’t see what you can’t see. If something or someone isn’t in focus, it’s distracting and being distracted takes the focus off of you.

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Multiple Takes (Video 10)

Shooting MULTIPLE TAKES is essential for video production. Consider it a safeguard. We want to make sure you try a few versions of what you’re saying that may pay off later.

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B-Roll (Video 12)

B-ROLL are secondary shots that accompany your main storyline. Sure you can have someone’s face on the screen the whole time, but to create a full story you can add other elements.

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Text & Titles (Video 14)

TEXT & TITLES are essential to your videos. Imagine you’re talking to someone at a networking event and wish you knew their name. Well, consider the text of your video a big fat name tag on their suit jacket.

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Bonus Video – Editing Overview

Editing is what generally happens after a video is shot and it is time to piece it together. Editing is NOT mandatory to make great videos, but it does help make them much, much better!

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