Hello Scott, here are the microphones and accessories that will help us create everything we discussed
as well as last you into the future of creating great video content for any platform.

Great for creating your own videos and for elevating your video presence substantially online.

These are great accessories and will set you apart for sure. Once this part is taken care of we can advance to your final setup.

This Samson Q9U is the exact dynamic microphone that I use and is really nice quality. Great for online video presentations and for video production. Mixed with a desktop microphone stand, this is a great choice.

This Blue Yeti is the exact condensor microphone that I used to have and is really nice quality. Great for online video presentations and voice recording for video production. It will pick up sounds from your surrounding environment.

This desktop microphone stand will hold the Samson Q9U nicely and allow you to get this microphone close to your mouth to really capture that high quality audio sound while blocking out your surroundings!

Here are the batteries that can power those lights so you don’t have to use the power cords. These hav an LED display that lets you know where their charge is and can charge via USB cable. 

This is a small LED that you can use behind you to light the wall and the plant in the corner. Just to give some demensionality to the shot.

Here is the 2 LED panel kit that comes with softboxes included. This is a great deal for these lights! 
We can use one to “Fill” your face and one to light the background behind you.

This is the top of the webcam choices as far as quality goes. A great choice that also has some tweaking options digitally after it is set up.