Video 10 – multiple takes

even professionals film everything more than once.

You’re looking good and you’re sounding good. Awesome! Now let’s make sure the actual footage you’re using is good. Sometimes people can get lost in the details, but rush past the important part: the take itself. Let’s take our time. Sit down, have a drink, let’s chat.

Shooting MULTIPLE TAKES is essential for video production. Consider it a safeguard. We want to make sure you try a few versions of what you’re saying that may pay off later. In addition to replicating the take you just did, you can change everything from your inflection and pacing, all the way to the content itself for a few other takes. That way, when you’re editing later you don’t have to worry about the siren sound outside, or the air conditioning unit turning on halfway through your message. Maybe you don’t like your hair in one of the takes? Remember, we don’t want anything to distract your viewers. Here’s how to ensure that.