Video 11 – more than you need

don’t be up a creek without a paddle.

You’ve planned enough for your video, everything seems to be going great, and you’re ready to go! Wait, did you bring the extra batteries? Or you just got back from the shoot… did you actually get enough footage? This stuff is making me anxious, let’s make sure that never happens.

You want to have MORE THAN YOU NEED for every shoot. We’re talking extra batteries, as much footage as you can get, and over prepare in the most positive way possible. It’s always easier to edit down than it is to create content from thin air. In this step we walk you through all of the necessary processes to save you the stress and anxiety you could have later when you’re approaching your deadline. This step is the bungee cord strapping down the toolbox in the back of your truck. It’s always better to overdo it than see that thing in the rearview on the highway, right?