Video 14 – Text & titles

show your viewers what you are talking about.

Oh boy, we can see the finish line on the horizon! If you keep pushing through, we promise you’ll be making pro videos on the regular. Even though we’re so close to the end, there’s plenty of magic we can sprinkle into this thing. So for the time being, let’s pretend your viewers are cats and in this course we’re about to hand you the laser pointer.

TEXT & TITLES are essential to your videos. Imagine you’re talking to someone at a networking event and wish you knew their name, but you’re too embarrassed to ask. Well, consider the text of your video a big fat name tag on their suit jacket. With text and titles you know who’s speaking, when you see a logo you’re attaching the visual branding to your business, and you’re holding the viewers hand to make sure they digest as much information as possible. Now let’s talk about what text you should include, which graphics, and where we should be seeing them on the screen.