Video 15 – music

the soundtrack to your videos.

We’re like the proud parents watching their kids get ready to walk at graduation. Once we wipe that tear from our cheek, we have just one last bit of advice for you. Your video is great. You’ve been practicing and absorbing everything from all of the previous steps. Your video is looking good, it’s sounding good, and you’re mostly keeping our attention while you film yourself. Want to add extra feel and emotion to the message you’re conveying? Of course you do. Here’s how.

MUSIC is the background track to your video. It’s like a party. When the music stops, things just feel… awkward. Fortunately for you, we’re here to show confidence, not be awkward! In this course we show you how to add music to create and change the emotion of a scene, how to navigate sound design, and most importantly getting permission to use licensed music to save you legal headaches in the future. 

 As professionals, we strongly advise you give yourself a high-five after this final course. You did it!