Video 4 – lighting

Illuminating your subject matter… matters.

You’re flying through this and that means it’s time to start getting into the hands-on magic of video production.
If you are the star of the video, we need to make sure we can see your face.
The clearer it is, the more professional your video will look and it will help avoid people being distracted.
Remember, the clearer your video, the easier it is for viewers to understand your message.

Now it’s time to enhance your creative toolbox with LIGHTING. In simple terms: we’re giving the camera’s sensor something to see. We want to make sure the focus of your video is clearly visible, and with lighting you can experiment with setting tone, emotion, and even create effects. It’s the easiest way to add quality to your videos.
We will talk about everything from the direction of the light source to the number of lights you’ll need.
Light bouncing off of your subject is what the camera’s eye actually sees.