Hey Zack, here are the camera accessories that will help us create everything we discussed
as well as last you into the future of creating great video content for any platform.

Great for creating your own videos and for elevating your video presence substantially online.

This mixed with a great mic will set you apart for sure. Once this partis taken care of we can advance to your final look and setup.

Grabbing a Dummy Battery for your Nikon will allow you to power it well beyond what a standard battery would allow and use your camera as a webcam along with being used as a content creation machine!

A capture card receives input from your HDMI Cable and transmits it to you computer as a video feed! You can now use your DSLR as a webcam AND make instant video with any video capture program including zoom.

This HDMI cable will go from the Nikon to the Capture Card and allow you to transmit your video feed to your computer! This opens up a whole realm of possiblities to use your DSLR in a multitude of ways.